By applying Scodix™ SENSE you can produce a selection of highly differentiated premium products, without the need for multiple make-readys and processes to achieve the desired embellishments.

Some of these Scodix Sense effects are listed below and for the majority can be run in the same machine pass:

Scodix Sense: Hi-Build
Scodix Sense can lay down up to 250 microns in polymer height, 25 times higher than conventional Spot UV Varnish.

Scodix Sense: Hi-Light
The use of different varnish levels (for example, 30% for one element and 80% for another) creates a unique contrast from one printed element to the next. Ideal for picking out products or foreground and background elements within an image or illustration. The lower densities from 5-30% give what appear like a matt sheen rather than a gloss.

Scodix Sense: Pattern
Through detail, repetition and multiple varnish intensities, effective and enticing textures can be laid across your print.

Scodix Sense: Texture
Variable density capabilities, ranging from 1% to 100%, deliver a unique texture to the surface of your print that is irresistibly tactile. This form of texture brings a new sense into play when delivering a printed message to your market, creating a far more memorable experience!

Scodix Sense: Emboss
In the conventional processes embossing requires two dies and a separate make ready and run after any varnishing or laminating. With Scodix SENSE Emboss you can easily produce these valuable effects in one pass.

Scodix Sense: Lens
Scodix “lens effect” makes colours stand out far prouder than conventional finishes.

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