Glossy, matt, course, flat, foiled, textured, patterned, raised... These are just a 'sense' of what is to come...

Working closely with Scodix™, Scodify, the first and only Scodix™ trade finishing house in the UK, will create accessibility to this technology. Through our online resource, launching later this year, we will demonstrate and help explore these opportunities with those who recognise and embrace this new generation of print possibilities.


Scodix™ Finishes

Discover a world of different print enhancement techniques.

The applications

Offering a range of unique and exquisite finishes using the latest technology.


The Scodix technology is going to be highly disruptive within the packaging sector. Its unique capabilities provide opportunity and added value to printed products



Front covers sell! With this is mind as little as 10p to transform a magazine or book cover into something more interactive that delivers a message of quality & impact, is easily justifiable.


Commercial print

The Scodix process offers differentiation and in turn delivers a genuine competitive edge for the printer.


Seasonal print

With a low cost per page and rapid turnaround time, Scodix digital enhancement can deliver truly memorable keepsakes.



These are exciting times for the corporate & consumer invitations market. In such an image conscious world quality and differentiation are a must.


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